Enjoy timeless elegance with Sedar's Antartica range, a chic collection of window coverings, including aluminum, venetian, vertical and Roman blinds, drape rails and tieback holders.

Whether you want to hang blinds in your living room, bedroom or office, the Antartica collection won’t disappoint. Sedar boasts a broad range of styles and colors that are tailored to meet your everyday needs.

Always sleep tight with Antartica curtain and drapes, which are masterfully designed to block out light and offer you complete privacy.

Elegant and sophisticated

Offering an extensive selection of designs, your home gets the attention it deserves with these stylish and affordable drapes, blinds and curtains.

Using high-quality textiles and fabrics, the Antartica collection adds edge and ambience to your living and work spaces.

Minimalist designs                                          

Minimalist designs and simple, clean lines are signature of the Antartica collection. Ideal for contemporary homes and modern office spaces, Antartica's versatility makes it the number one choice for your residential and commercial needs.

A timeless look

With it's classic aesthetic and timeless feel, Sedar's range of Antartica curtains, drapes and blinds will never go out of style. As well as being easy to operate and install, the Antartica range is lightweight and durable, made to withstand regular use and enhance the look of any room.

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