A reliable support system is what every home needs to feel complete, which is why Sedar's DenHaag customizable curtain rails are the ideal addition to your living spaces.

Featuring a two-channel rope system that ensures the drapes remain untangled, the DenHaag collection features a wide array of rails, with straight cubical and rounded tracks, to suit every home.

DenHaag's high quality components provide solid support to last a lifetime and ensure your living spaces run as smoothly as possible.

Versatile and stylish

Manufactured in Holland, DenHaag offers numerous curtain rail options to suit classic, edgy and contemporary decorating styles, while also remaining true to your current theme.

DenHaag curtain rails spice up your home interior without jeopardizing the authenticity of your living spaces.

Dress your windows

DenHaag's curtain rails will revive your space with a subtle touch of style, enhancing the way your curtains fall and adding flair to your windows.

When it comes to new and innovative ideas to dress your windows, there is nothing better than DenHaag curtain rails to create striking window furnishings.


Make a statement

With a vast variety of styles to choose from, DenHaag drape and curtain rails add an elegant touch to your home and make a statement in any room. All DenHaag curtain rails come with a 10-year guarantee and are made to the highest standards to ensure quality, safety and durability. 

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