Finding the right window treatment is never an easy task, but with Sedar’s wide range of blinds, you'll find the most suitable solution for your home. Offering both privacy and style, Sedar curtains will meet all of your requirements and complement your space.

Difficult spaces can be intimidating to decorate, but Sedar’s blinds are specifically made to fit any type of space and window design.


Combats climate change

Manufactured to insulate your home during each of the four seasons, Sedar curtains and blinds enhance your house’s natural insulation, reducing the amount of heat going in and out through the windows.

With extra layers of insulation, which act as a natural source of energy efficiency, Sedar blinds are more than just regular window treatments.


Suits all designs

Whether it's a large window, a small window, or one located high up, our blinds are customized to suit all sorts of styles and designs.

From elegant Roman blinds, vertical blinds, wooden blinds, combi shade blinds and aluminum venetian blinds, Sedar's wide range of products ensures there is a design to suit every taste, theme and decorating style.


Controlling light feature

Easily adjusted to allow or prevent light, our blinds collection are made using high quality fabrics and materials to provide comfort and convenience to any room. They're also available in a vast range of colors to match perfectly with your home décor style.