Stylish wallpaper speaks volumes about your home and sets a tone for the entire room. With Sedar’s inventive collection of wall coverings in both eye-popping and classic prints, your walls will come to life.

Dressing your walls with bold coverings ensures your home makes the impact you require. Sedar's collection of wallpapers help to tie your living spaces together while also radiating warmth and comfort.

Powerful statements

Sedar's collection of textured wall coverings maker a powerful statement in any room and add interest to your walls. Available in a variety of colors and designs to suits all spaces, Sedar's wallpapers are extremely durable and follow the highest sustainability standards.

Eclectic designs

Bring nature’s beauty right into your home with vibrant colors and images or fuse classic prints with modern coverings to create an eclectic vibe. Our wall coverings are made with extreme care and high quality fabrics to withstand cleaning and scrubbing.

Make your wall stand out and get the attention it deserves with Sedar’s diverse range of wall coverings, which are specifically made to suit your space and needs.

Promotes healthcare

Unlike other wall coverings, Sedar’s wallpapers are manufactured using antibacterial fabrics to ensure a sanitary environment, deeming them suitable for all types of spaces, from bathrooms to bedrooms.

Whether it’s a hospital, a house, an office or a living room, our wallpapers are the best choice for those who seeking to update their décor and enhance their living spaces.